Because of the Following Benefits!

Integrity: Quinceanera Expo has been in the market since 2007 and is growing every year. Our experience in large scale and successful events has given us the extensive knowledge and expertise that you can trust.


Qualified Quinceaneras: The quality of our events and our marketing attracts qualified quinceaneras. 40% of the registered quinceaneras at our shows have a budget of $15,000 or more. The best part, every exhibitor receives detailed contact information for each and every quinceanera that registers.


Door Prizes and Giveaways are designed so that Quinceaneras visit your booth at least once.


Limited Exhibitors: We want our expo to stand out from the rest, therefore, we limit the number of exhibitors in each category at every one of our shows.


Fashion Shows and Vals demonstrations: Entertaining future quinceaneras with useful information is what we do best. Each of our Expos features 2 (two) fashion shows and at least 2 (two) vals demonstration. Vals is the traditional dance to introduce a Quinceanera to her party. We limit the times of our fashion shows and dance demos to drive more attention to our vendors aka YOU!


Renewal Rate: over 60% of our exhibitors have been participating in our expos since 2007.


Quality Venues: The venues we produce our expos are amongst the best and the largest in the cities we visit.


National Support: Quinceanera Expo is the only national Quinceanera event in the United States. We advertise year-round in social media and local magazines, which helps us attract qualified quinceaneras to our shows.


Post-Show Advertising: Your company name, and contact info will be listed on the local page of QuinceaneraExpoEvents.com from the day you sign a contract with us, and then 30 days after the completion of the show.


Seminars: We not only provide you with space to show off your company, we've created a few workshops to provide you with a better experience at our shows. Workshops include "How to sell at the Quinceanera Expo". The best part of all, It's FREE when you're a registered Vendor at one of our Shows.


WHAT'S A 15?






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